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Retail sales for the gaming industry have been disappointing in recent times, however digital revenue streams are helping take the burden off publishers in a huge way Mut 24 coins. Electronic Arts provided the latest illustration of this today declaring it has announced that Madden NFL 24 was been sold to 1.4 million copies within the first week of its release on retail shelves.

The game generated revenues that were 10% higher than those from its previous game, Madden NFL 24. Its revenues had already increased by 5 percent more than Madden NFL 24. But, Madden NFL 24 sold 1.9 million copies during its initial week on the shelves and a number that EA described as "discouraging" when it first launched. When you add up the numbers, Madden NFL 24 sold 26 percent less copies in comparison to Madden NFL 24, but it generated about 16 percent more revenue.

The publisher didn't directly respond to the change, but it did mention that the digital revenue of Madden NFL 24 increased by more than its initial predecessor. The previous year, Madden NFL 24 saw digital revenues increase in the first week by 200 percent more than the previous edition that played the same game. What were players purchasing to fuel the digital increase, EA said they combined to buy the 200,000 Madden Ultimate Team game cards as well as coin packs in Madden NFL 24's initial week of sales.

Electronic Arts may have fumbled the ball when it came to its Madden NFL-simulated selection to play in Super Bowl XLII, but sincere to the core it was impossible to have expected the Giants to finish winning that game? In Super Bowl XLIII, though EA's Madden series was back to its best in calling the game exactly as it happened: Pittsburgh dominated the first half, and the Cardinals gained momentum in the fourth quarter however, the Steelers ultimately won the title.

The New Orleans Saints staring down the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in Super Bowl XLIV, EA has announced the outcomes of its annual Madden NFL simulator. While Peyton Manning's team is expected to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy Madden NFL 24 predicts a narrow Saints victory of 35-31 cheap madden 24 coins. The win will be the first time in the team's long history of 46 years.

Madden calls for the Saints to march in on Sunday.


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