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The Power Of Intention In Recovery

As a recovering addict, your intentions can be your friend or your enemy, depending on your level of focus and clarity. You have to be clear about what you want before you can choose a constructive and life-affirming path. ACT therapy programs can help you eliminate the confusion that left you lost in the wilderness of chemical dependency.

The power of intention in recovery

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Intention is the fuel that gives action power. Intention is an energy accelerator. Intention is the energy used to inspire your plan for life. Intention is best used when thought of like a seed your throwing out into the universe for anything you would like your life to accomplish.

Once the intention has been sent out, the universe will harvest it, and all of your desires will be realized by the intention sent out, because the universe always searches for answers, it will attract to you what you intended the universe to resolve for you, your desire. If your thoughts (or intentions for your life) are not being realized, its for lack of focus on the intention, nothing else.

Intention is not a demand. Intention requires patience. If set forcibly, with negative energy, your desires will not come to you, because youve defeated the purpose of faith in your desires and yourself. With constant faith and belief in the desire of the intention, the positive energy has nowhere to go, but to be resolved, and come back to you. There cannot be demands or negative energy when setting an intention, that will only attract the same, more negative energy.

The goal is not to have your intention turn the most perfect outcome. Intentions are like ideas, some are better than others, but keep having them and you will meet more intentions than had you not set them to begin with. The goal is not the reward, the practice of setting intentions, and feeling them be realized is. You wont receive any change in results without asking for them first.

This is the place of intention. Our body and our mind leave the spotlight. It is simply a question of accepting to be carried by an immeasurable and indescribable force: that which transforms acorns into trees, flowers into apples and tiny cells into human beings.

In fact, according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, our ideas or desires already exist in the universe. As a result, if we act as if we have already received all that we ask, if we eliminate all our doubts about it, then our desire will come true. This is the power of intention.

Whenever we feel off or lost, we can visualize ourselves in a tramway, with a handle one meter above our head (earlier in the story, Wayne Dyer tells us to use this example of visualization he has used since his childhood). We imagine ourselves floating in the air as the tram transports us to our intention.

The power of intention has to be creative or nothing would exist. Indeed, we are in a physical body but, before that, we have been an embryo, a cell, a formless energy. This formless energy carries within it intention which brought us from nothingness to being.

Any power that naturally feels the need to create and convert its energy into physical form is automatically a benevolent power. Intention is therefore a benevolent energy that wants its creations to thrive and to be fulfilled and happy.

The energy field of intention is pure love resulting in a nourishing and totally cooperative environment. Thus, if we were able to see this energy field, we would see, according to Wayne Dyer, creativity and kindness in an infinite field of love.

To understand this aspect of intention, you can think of a tiny spec which continually reproduces itself, which gets bigger and bigger, then moves forward, while continuing to expand and express itself. Thus, the power of intention manifests itself as an expression of expansion, creativity, kindness, love, and beauty.

Three aspects of our life can prevent us from connecting to the power of intention: our inner speech, our energy level and our self-importance. Furthermore, by taking these obstacles one by one, we will be able to become aware of these blockages and explore ways to overcome them.

When in contact with a person emitting higher frequencies, people have the impression of being connected to nature, the human race and intention. They feel then united and willing to help each other to achieve a common goal.

At the highest level of the energy of intention, we see what is beautiful in everyone. So, whether people are young or old, rich or poor, pale or dark, there is no distinction. Everything is perceived in a way that favors appreciation rather than criticism. Thus, when people are given that feeling of appreciation for beauty, they begin to feel more attractive and develop a better image of themselves. As a result, when people feel beautiful, they act beautifully.

Clear intention setting is similar to goal setting. As long as your intentions are meaningful to you, feel right for your life, and help you achieve what you set out to, then setting clear intentions can be a powerful practice.

Putting the two together, rituals and intention setting, you can create a meaningful practice of setting your intentions in a beautiful way that has more meaning than just sitting down and writing them on a piece of paper.

By defining which intentions you want to set, you can work to manifest and bring into reality these intentions. Your thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions are all used to help you manifest or achieve your intentions.

So, an intention setting ritual is simply doing your intention setting with increased mindfulness and purpose. In other words, an intention setting ritual is taking a naturally ritualistic practice (intention setting) and pairing it with an outward, actual ritual that adds more meaning to it. It makes it more physical and embodied. Plus, it can help you form a deeper connection with your thoughts and intentions.

An intention setting ritual could look like going to your favorite coffee shop, ordering your go-to latte, sitting in the same spot, and journaling about the intentions you want to set for the month ahead. It can be a simple ritual. It can be in your comfort zone and still meaningful.

These are some initial thoughts that come to mind when determining how to mindfully enter into an intention setting ritual. Regardless of what you choose, be kind to yourself and remember that this is for you, not for anyone else. If you feel silly, then laugh and embrace it. But start somewhere, knowing that ritual is a powerful way to harness your energy and create a purposeful environment for setting clear intentions that can transform your life.

Then consider what elements you need to introduce for the ritual to be truly meaningful and unique for you. Consider the senses - taste, touch, feel, smell, sight. What, if anything, needs to be utilized to engage your senses so that this ritual is dimensional and purposeful in helping you set the best intentions for yourself.

Take several deep breaths. Breathe in your first ideas for new clear intentions, exhale negative thoughts and barriers. If you use crystals like rose quartz and clear quartz, introduce these now. If you have an important element, perhaps a family heirloom, cards, photos, blanket or textile, anything that brings you both peace and reminds you of who you really are, introduce it here.

If you are still thinking about what clear intentions you want to set, consider journaling through a prompt. Journaling prompts about topics like self-discovery, mindfulness and personal growth can be great ways to unpack more of your thoughts. And help you figure out what intentions are best for you right now.

Finally, pause to visualize what it looks like for you to achieve and manifest these intentions. For example, if you set the intention to love and accept myself," reflect on ways you can act this out.

The Power of Intention can make a huge difference in addiction recovery. This is why this concept is often explored during behavioral therapies, like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Motivational Interviewing (MI).

To make the most of your life, to nourish the causes of happiness for yourself and others, it takes strength, clear intentions, and persistent effort. This essay explores how to establish powerful intentions and sustain the commitment to see them come true.

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